Help save Marin’s beloved San Geronimo Golf Course!


For over 50 years the San Geronimo Golf Course has served residents of Marin County as a recreational asset, open to and enjoyed by all members of our community. Not just for golfers, the non-golfing community enjoys this beautiful space too - for social gatherings, community meetings, nonprofit fundraisers, weddings and as a music venue.

The clubhouse restaurant hosts many nonprofit community events and family gatherings. 

We’re working hard to preserve this historic and beloved golf course for future generations of Marin residents and visitors to enjoy.


All concerned citizens have the right to have their vote. Sign the petition to prevent the Marin County Board of Supervisors from buying and destroying the San Geronimo Golf Course. It’s a Marin County treasure and should be available for all to enjoy. Protect the right of Marin County residents to vote on any future changes to the Community Plan.

Our successful Initiative Petition signing continues with over 9,500 signatures in hand; our goal is to exceed 10,000 signatures by October 20, 2018.


On Friday October 26, 2018 Marin Superior Court will conduct a final hearing on the motion to require the County to comply with CEQA and do an environmental impact report for the San Geronimo Golf Course

We will send representatives to the hearing and report back to you. A tentative ruling for Case # CIV 1704467 may be posted before the October 26 hearing on the website



JOIN OUR TEAM OF VOLUNTEERS if you are interested in helping our team gather signatures across Marin County.

SIGNING LOCATIONS - all signatures are required to be made in person … but it only takes 1 minute and we have many signing locations across Marin County. Every signature counts!

REQUEST A YARD SIGN to display in front of your house.

MAKE A DONATION - would you like to make a donation to help pay for the legal counsel & public affairs services that are required to save San Geronimo Golf Course?

WRITE TO THE EDITOR - have your voice heard & write a letter to the editor


We are a team of passionate Marin County volunteers committed to saving the San Geronimo Golf Course, upholding eco-friendliness, restoring our creeks and unifying our community. Our team is made-up of golfers and non-golfers - we are all fighting to save this treasured Marin County asset.

Our community spirit lies at the heart of everything we do … and our young people need a future to look forward to.

We feel cheated in having no right to vote on the future use of the San Geronimo Golf Course land. We believe in due process, and believe the Board of Supervisors should properly consult the people on how this unique golf course land will be used.

Please support our grassroots coalition of Marin County residents who are working to preserve our beloved San Geronimo Golf Course.


Our goal is to save the people’s right to vote on the future use of the golf course land, and to challenge the Board of Supervisors for not giving us - the people - the right to have our say in how our tax dollars are spent.

The people of Marin County were never consulted on the use of the San Geronimo Golf Course Land. A decision was made ‘behind closed doors’.

The County’s plans for the property run contrary to the San Geronimo Valley Community Plan approved by the Board of Supervisors in 1997.

Our team of voluntary Marin County residents are engaged in asking concerned Marin County voters to save San Geronimo Golf Course.

Save the course for now and future generations.


We are people inclusive - all people, young and old, right across the board!

At San Geronimo Golf Course, we welcome locals and visitors alike.

And we’re also a dog-friendly course … our 4-legged friends are welcome too.

In Marin County we are a close-knit community, proud of our beautiful environment and community spirit ... for young and old ... and all racial diversity.

We welcome visitors to our golf course, and our course lies at the center of our community! But the Supervisors want to close it down!

The San Geronimo Golf Course is 'open to the public' ... but for how long?