We are a group of Marin County volunteers committed to saving San Geronimo Golf Course, restoring our creeks and unifying our community.

Our goal is to save the people’s right to vote on the future use of the San Geronimo Golf Course land.

The County’s plans for the property run contrary to the San Geronimo Valley Community Plan approved by the Board of Supervisors in 1997.

Allocating millions of taxpayer dollar to close a profitable, community recreational facility when there are so many other dire services in the county that need taxpayer funding should not be done without public input and at the discretion of our supervisors.

We are engaged in asking concerned Marin County voters to SAVE SAN GERONIMO GOLF COURSE

Please help us re-open this natural beauty. VOTE for SAVE COMMUNITY PLANS INITIATIVE on the March 2020 ballot.

It was, and should remain a valuable Marin County asset

The 157-acre golf course was used by local youth golf teams at no charge or deeply discounted fees.

The golf course employed approximately 30 people, paid payroll, sales and property taxes.

For more than 50 years, it had been a successful Marin County business as well as a valuable asset to all Marin County residents and visitors.

According to Greenbelt Alliance, 58 percent of Marin’s 333,000 acres are protected from development, or more than 190,000 acres.