Every person in our voluntary coalition is giving their time free of charge, for love of the course and bringing it back, love of the community and because we feel our voices haven’t been heard in the decision-making process.

We’re not just golfers in our numbers, the non-golfing community is strongly represented too, because we love the natural beauty of the space and feel a decision has been made without any public consultation.

We feel cheated in our right to VOTE on the future use of the San Geronimo Golf Course land.

We believe in due process, and believe the Board of Supervisors should properly consult the people on how the golf course land will be used. Golf course, community center and salmon refuge - nothing needs to be excluded! Our voice counts!

Please help us re-open this natural beauty. VOTE for SAVE COMMUNITY PLANS INITIATIVE on the March 2020 ballot.

REQUEST A YARD SIGN to display in front of your house.

MAKE A DONATION - would you like to make a donation to help pay for the legal counsel & public affairs services that are required to save San Geronimo Golf Course?

HAVE YOUR VOICE HEARD - do you want to have your voice heard and write a letter to the editor to support our cause?

We asked what does it means to love and to support the San Geronimo Golf Course? …

It means standing up and being heard when government makes a hasty, fiscally irresponsible decision.
— San Geronimo Golf Course Community
In golf, a score cannot be recorded until the ball falls in the hole. A ball that stops close to the hole cannot be considered to have ‘substantially complied’ with falling into the hole. Yet the Marin Board of Supervisors, which did not meet the legal time requirements for publication of its ‘notice of intent’ claims that it has substantially complied with the law
— Philip Snell, published in the Marin Independent Journal