County’s golf course deal ignores questions

Marin Voice - Niz Brown

IJ columnist Dick Spotswood said the environmentalists demonstrated their clout in the golf course deal. Yes, the extreme environmentalists have destroyed our oyster farm, they are after our golf course and watch out ranchers! …
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Supervisors’ golf course ‘rush’ sidesteps public process

Marin Voice - Joe Walsh, Wendi Kallins, Christin Anderson, Koa Pickering & Peggy Sheneman

We are deeply concerned that the debate over the county’s current rush to buy the San Geronimo Golf Course has been presented as a choice between restoring the salmon …
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‘Substantially complied’ is a weak public defense

Marin Voice - Philip Snell

In golf, a score cannot be recorded until the ball falls in the hole. A ball that stops close to the hole cannot be considered to have ‘substantially complied’ with falling into the hole. Yet the Marin Board of Supervisors, which did not meet the legal time requirements for ….
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The supervisors’ public double bogey on golf course decision

Marin Voice - November 25, 2017 - Matt Storms

Was it the rather obscene overpayment with an unconventional appraisal process? TPL indicated the sellers had to sell before the end of the year — in which case the price should go down, rather than up, if the sellers were really and truly in dire financial straits …
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Public confidence in golf course price

Marin Independent Journal - November 2017 - Charles Hardeman

With so many different interests piling in to influence the imminent decision by county supervisors on whether to purchase the San Geronimo Golf Course, spending $8.85 million - $3.91 million of our money forked over by the county - the least persuasive …
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Cost to taxpayers ‘wildly out of line’

Marin Independent Journal - November 2017 - Len Silverfine

Attending the Board of Supervisors’ meeting Tuesday in regard to the purchase of San Geronimo Golf Course was to witness a choreographed exhibition in obfuscation worthy of Washington D.C. One would have imagined that the core issue involved in …
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Misappropriation of public funds in purchase

Marin Independent Journal - November 2017 - John McGeough

SPAWN has always dreamed of getting the San Geronimo Golf Course closed. Not only has it got what it wanted, but it got Marin taxpayers to buy it for it at an inflated price. You couldn’t make this stuff up! SPAWN did a masterful job of pulling the wool over the eyes …
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Taxpayers need to send message to supervisors

Marin Independent Journal - November 2017 - Len Silverfine

The decision by the county Board of Supervisors to purchase a golf course to turn into ‘wild land’ suggests only one thing: The citizens of Marin should never approve an additional tax again. By granting lavish pension plans for county officials, funding frivolous lawsuits …
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Golf course purchase shouldn’t be political

Marin Independent Journal - November 2017 - Jerry Meral

It’s unfortunate that the question of the future use of the San Geronimo Golf Course is becoming political. Supervisor Rodoni’s election opponents are lining up to support continued golf use, or other uses of the land and enhancement of the salmon and steelhead population …
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Turning course into open space and a fire hazard

Marin Independent Journal - November 2017 - John Beckerley

I and my family have lived in San Geronimo for 41 years. When we moved here the golf course was open; a few years later it closed and became acres of overgrown grass and shrub. It was an eyesore and a fire waiting to happen with the discard of one cigarette …
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The county’s ‘fast-track’ golf course deal?

Marin Independent Journal - November 2017 - John Beckerley

Watching the buzzards circling the dying San Geronimo Golf Course is a feast in itself. Is Supervisor Rodoni, like Steve Kinsey before him, going to be an easy mark for SPAWN, having been a member? Is this what this fast-track stuff is all about? …
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Golf course deal bears legal scrutiny

Marin Independent Journal - Bill Hess

As the Marin Voices on November 26 and December 1 & 2 noted, and many others have pointed out (myself included), there are many improprieties in the San Geronimo Golf Course sale. Misuse of taxpayer money comes to mind. Fiduciary impropriety also …
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Where did all the people go?

Marin Independent Journal - Bill Wickliffe

Kudos to Tom McAfee’s recent Marin Voice earlier this week. He brought up some very good points. My wife and myself were playing the San Geronimo Golf Course after the first of the year. My wife and I would play the holes wondering why in the …
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Sustainable ‘buzz terms’ instead of a golf course

Marin Independent Journal - George Alboff

The Marin Voice column - ‘A sustainable vision for the San Geronimo Golf Course’ - tagged so many kumbaya, buzz terms currently in vogue: new vision, thoughtful integration, ecological management, sustainable foods, farmland preservation and regenerative …
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Community consensus behind golf course deal?

Marin Independent Journal - Jon Austen

I write this because I genuinely don’t think that folks like Supervisor Rodoni, Jean Berensmeier or Brian Staley, not to mention others who have publicly support the San Geronimo Golf Course sale, understand and/or acknowledge why people like me are objecting …
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Who is calling the shots on closing San Geronimo?

Marin Independent Journal - February 2018 - Richard Seramin

I have lived in the San Geronimo Valley since 1978. What a beautiful valley, with a long history attached to it. Thank God that Gary Giacomini, Jean Berensmeier and many others had the foresight to fight against major development that was proposed …
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County bogey-ed San Geronimo deal

Marin Independent Journal - February 2018 - Michael Lamb

I live in Lagunitas and enjoy all of the natural wonders of the San Geronimo Valley. No matter how much the Board of Supervisors wants to sell an open parkland concept to the county taxpayers, the fact is we are seeing an example of how much this …
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Rodoni’s political gamble in San Geronimo Valley

Marin Independent Journal - March 2018 - Kip Maly

Two letters printed in the Marin Independent Journal on Friday March 9 2018, present an interesting contrast. One notes that the former golf course is getting use as a park with people enjoying the lush green open spaces. The other points out …
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Closing door on proposals for San Geronimo

Marin Independent Journal - Steve Pence

I’ve been a member of San Geronimo Golf Course for 25+ years. My son, Craig Pence, started playing golf at San Geronimo when he was 5 years old. Many of his buddies from San Geronimo Golf Course have gone on to play in high school and college …
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Why not follow open process on golf course?

Marin Independent Journal - Orin Keplinger

After huddling behind closed doors, the Board of Supervisors announced it will invest taxpayer dollar in appealing the recent ruling over the county’s controversial purchase and plans to close the San Geronimo Golf Course …
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Time for supes to walk away from golf course

Marin Independent Journal - John McGeough

While there is general consensus that the County of Marin tried to pull a fast one with the proposed purchase and closure of San Geronimo Golf Course, it has been confirmed as such by the recent court ruling preventing the purchase from moving forward …
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San Geronimo could be a profitable course

Marin Independent Journal July 2018 - Gary von Wittenmeier

In response to the February 15 Marin Voice column by a director of the Trust for Public Land, the picture most have of TPL is of the beneficent uncle buying up land to add to the public land reserve. However, what makes the purchase of the San Geronimo …
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Thousands sign the San Geronimo petition

Marin Independent Journal - Jon Austen

San Geronimo Golf Course sale proponents continue to present themselves as both the majority and morally superior, but are they? They continuously cite 40 people as the only opposition hold-outs to the sale. I am not one of those, but I on of the …
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Public controversy the result of county’s process

Marin Independent Journal - Carmelita Ellis

Yet another thought on the San Geronimo Golf Course. So much has been written and dispensed by the environmentalists. I would like to add another spin on what will continue to be divisive and destructive to this beautiful community unless we find …
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Every day, the golf course is deteriorating

Marin Independent Journal - Bill Wickliffe

A recent letter to the editor was talking about the three dozen people enjoying the back nine at San Geronimo Golf Course. My observations from the beginning of the closure of the golf course at the beginning of the year until now is very different. I have been …
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Supervisors should rescind vote on golf course

Marin Independent Journal - Jayme Gallenson

Perhaps it is time for the Board of Supervisors and the residents of this county to take a look at the mission, goals and values that guide the board and that they agreed to uphold. The decision to buy San Geronimo Golf Course and the process clearly violates …
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San Geronimo ‘must’ remain a golf course

Marin Independent Journal - July 21, 2018 - Chris Graham

Our Board of Supervisors created this expensive, messy, San Geronimo Golf Course saga (to the detriment of their constituency). They continue to expose themselves as self-serving, short-cutting, back-room dealers who favor extreme special interest …
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Golf course is ‘open space’ for many people

Marin Independent Journal - Paul Sparrow

I’m so glad citizens of Marin are coming forward in support of the San Geronimo Golf Course. Marin County doesn’t need any more ‘open space’ for hikers, bike riders and nature lovers. We have plenty of that. What Marin County does need are affordable …
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Golf course lawsuit could hold up county purchase

Marin Independent Journal - Dick Spotswood

Sale and closure of the San Geronimo Golf Course may not be a done deal after all. San Geronimo Advocates, an unincorporated association of valley residents, has just filed a lawsuit seeking an injunction to halt the sale. They, along with lead plaintiff Amelia “Niz” Brown
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McInnis Park could be model for San Geronimo

Marin Independent Journal - Stuart Brown

With regard to Marin County’s plans to acquire the San Geronimo Golf Course, I urge the supervisors not to commit to purchase unless they can continue operating a golf course at San Geronimo, with the object of generating revenue for the county, along the lines …
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San Geronimo deal is a questionable expense

Marin Independent Journal - July 2018 - Jeff Harriman

Marin County supervisors, led by Dennis Rodoni, are certainly giving all of us Marin County citizens a great insight into their knowledge of fiscal responsibility by purchasing the San Geronimo Golf Course. The supervisors approved the spending of nearly …
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Marin County could still make golf course work

Marin Independent Journal - July 25, 2018 - Joe Walsh

I’m sorry to hear of Marin County’s troubles with its financing for the purchase of the San Geronimo Golf Course, because it is still my hope that the county could be a good partner in the operation of the course. It is the most logical conclusion to the legal and practical impasse.
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Rodoni should pay back county for expenses

Marin Independent Journal - July 25, 2018 - Eber Jacques

The honorable thing for Supervisor Dennis Rodoni to do now that his San Geronimo Golf Course folly has been put on hold is to reimburse the county of Marin and its taxpayers for all the costs his misguided adventure has incurred. Be a man and step up!
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SPAWN should turn its sights on other problems

Marin Independent Journal - July 25, 2018 - Alex Easton Brown

Supervisor Dennis Rodoni’s folly, the Board of Supervisors’ $8 million bride price offering to the fish cult, SPAWN, is Trumpian in its fraudulent misallocation of tax monies and disregard for the people of Marin. Why doesn’t SPAWN go to Puerto Rico where maybe it …
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Start spending taxpayers dollars more wisely

Marin Independent Journal - July 2018 - Kip Maly

A recent Marin Independent Journal editorial questioned the supervisors due diligence when considering the TOT tax (temporary occupancy tax) and golf course acquisition. I want to help out. All of the supervisors are cordially invited to meet me almost any …
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Golf course session shows ‘moral compass’ missing

Marin Independent Journal - July 2018 - Lisa McHugh

Lost: moral compass. If found, please return to the county supervisors’ office immediately. On Thursday, I attended ‘Coffee with the County’ at the San Geronimo Golf Course, a bi-monthly informal talk with Max Korten, director of County Parks, regarding the …
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Marin ends bid to expedite ‘San G’ litigation

Marin Independent Journal - August 13, 2018

After being turned-down for a July or August court date, Marin County has withdrawn its attempt to get a speedier decision on its much-debated San Geronimo Golf Course purchase plan before a September 4, 2018 grant deadline …
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County should let market forces play out

Marin Independent Journal - August 2018 - J Patrick Burke

Niz Brown’s thoughtful research (Marin Voice, December 10, 2017) indicates that the County’s rushed purchase of San Geronimo Golf Course will benefit a clever environmental organization more it will benefit the native salmon. Government should not decide …
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Marin ‘eco-pirates’ are at it again!

Marin Independent Journal - August 2018 - Karen Molden

It just keeps getting better. Th eco-pirates have now scuttled the good ship Marin once again. The bounty of scoring the San Geronimo Golf Course came up at us on our blind side. The idea of over-paying $5million for a fish farm in West Marin seems incredulous …
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For the good of all, we should keep golf course

Marin Independent Journal - August 2018 - Mary Brenner

Back in the 1970s when we had 70 inches of rain in a season, we had salmon spawning clear up to the Woodacre Improvement Club, with no help from SPAWN. Now, we have less rain and fewer salmon, despite SPAWN‘s efforts over the past years …
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Retain the golf course, a Marin treasure

Marin Independent Journal - August 18, 2018 - Tom Andrews

I have an idea for ‘Vision SGV’ - leave the San Geronimo Golf Course alone. It’s a golf course. It’s not their private garden. That some on the Board of Supervisors worked behind the scenes to change that status does not make it theirs …
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County should reverse decision to appeal

Marin Independent Journal - Suzanne Thompson

The Board of Supervisors, supported by County Counsel Brian Washington, has decided to appeal two separate judicial rulings on controversial land-use projects in Marin County. The ruling in essences required more independent assessment and more ….
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Ignoring the interests of the ‘vast majority’

Marin Independent Journal - August 24, 2018 - Roger Farrow

At the urging of environmental groups over the past 50 years, the San Geronimo Golf Course took various measures to improve its environmental footprint as far as salmon were concerned. These measures include, at a minimum, improving and repairing …
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Volunteer offers report on golf course petition

Marin Independent Journal - August 24, 2018 - John McGeough

As one of the many volunteers collecting signatures for the San Geronimo Golf Course petition which is being circulated throughout Marin, I have a few thoughts to share. In the first three weeks of this quiet month of August, we have already collected over 3,500 …
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Golf Course petition signatures mounting

Marin Independent Journal - August 28, 2018

Opponents of Marin County’s decision to buy the San Geronimo Golf Course have so far collected nearly half of the signatures they need to put an initiative on the ballot that would require the property’s continued use as a golf course unless voters …
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Is anyone at California Fish & Wildlife awake?

Marin Independent Journal - August 2018 - Kip Maly

The Marin Independent Journal recently reported that Marin County lost a $3.4 million grant from the Department of Fish & Wildlife Conservation Board because a lawsuit has delayed the County's purchase of the San Geronimo Valley Golf Course…
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Two main problems with golf course purchase

Marin Independent Journal - September 2, 2018 - Len Silverfine

To my mind, the crux of San Geronimo Golf Course issue is twofold. First and foremost, it’s about the money – our money - how our tax dollars should be allocated. Given that few would opt for increasing taxes, priorities must be set and followed by our elected supervisors …
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Highly unlikely any real public process will occur

Letter to the editor - September 2018 - Kip Maly

A recent Marin Independent Journal editorial urged the supervisors to file a ‘negative declaration’ concerning environmental issues over the County's plan to destroy the San Geronimo Valley Golf Course …
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Golf course acreage is a small slice of Marin

Marin Independent Journal - September 2018 - Mark Hoffman

Bettina Spooner-Whyte’s letter in the August 30 edition of the IJ conveyed her ‘ecstasy’ when she learned the San Geronimo Golf Course was going to be restored by the Board of Supervisors and the Trust for Public Land to a natural state for the public, the elderly …
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Save golf course from foolish destruction

Marin Independent Journal - September 4, 2018 - Peggy Sheneman

People ask: Why should Marin residents who live outside of San Geronimo Valley be allowed to vote on the future of the golf course? One person decided to destroy this beautiful public recreation site, with over 30,000 visits each year …
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Petition to save golf course is democratic

Marin Independent Journal - September 19, 2018 - Charles Hardeman

There is nothing ‘doubtful’ or ‘unconstitutional’ about the regulation. The zoning is for specified uses which accommodate the golf course, which has been - and is - profitable. Average Annual Net Operating Income from 2010-2017 was over $450,000 …
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San Geronimo Valley deserves inspired protection

Marin Independent Journal - Glenda Corning

San Geronimo Valley deserves inspired protection. “Indeed saving the golf course goes along way towards that goal.” It would save the Valley residents in the unfortunate eventuality of a fire. As to use of toxic materials, attending the IPM (Integrated Pest Management) …
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Concerns about spending on golf course project

Marin Independent Journal - September 20, 2018 - Alex Easton Brown

 By electing Dennis Rodoni to the Board of Supervisors did Marin get its own ‘Baby Trump’, set to destroy and uglify much of what makes Marin special? First there was the shutting down of Drakes Bay Oyster Co. in conspiracy with some environmentalists who …
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Golfing and salmon could be compatible

Marin Independent Journal - September 26, 2018 - Peggy Sheneman

Max Korten, director of Marin Parks, threatens to close the San Geronimo Golf Course by December 2018 if the county loses the injunction motion set for hearing October 26, 2018. County supervisors should be embarrassed by this end-run around the court’s …
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Ruling may prompt Marin to drop golf plan

Point Reyes Light - September 26, 2018

Should Marin County lose a case next month regarding its purchase of the San Geronimo Golf Course, it will not only relinquish control and upkeep of the course, but maybe will drop all plans for the property. Max Korten, director of Marin County Parks, said an adverse …
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Heartened by prep teams at San Geronimo Course

Marin Independent Journal - October 3, 2018 - Bill Wickliffe

I recently visited the practice green at San Geronimo for a little putting and chipping practice. San Geronimo has the finest short game practice area anywhere in Marin. While there I noticed several young woman starting to come down to the practice area …
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Marin to end golf course deal

Marin Independent Journal - November 3, 2018 - Richard Halstead

Marin County will allow its agreement with Touchstone Golf to manage the San Geronimo Golf Course to expire at the end of this year, according to a post on the county parks website Friday.
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Sell course to golf operator and protect the salmon

Marin Independent Journal - November 5, 2018 - Peggy Sheneman

I have lived in San Geronimo Valley for 36 years but I do not play golf. County Parks should continue to operate the golf course and keep its options open for future use.

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At least let Touchstone finish golf agreement

Pathetic. The bully has been called out so he is taking his ball and going home. The county of Marin continues to lead the parade.

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